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  • Had my first experience with luxury wax bar and will definitely be returning. Highly recommend the service, polite and welcoming, they were able to fit me in last minute on my work break. Flory done my Hollywood hot wax and she was efficient and made me feel comfortable. Iโ€™ve had previous experiences of hot wax in the bikini area being extremely painful and flory made sure I was okay and it did not hurt as much and I was so surprised and so pleased with the service! Thank you!

  • I was recommened Luxury Wax by a friend and they did not disappoint! All the staff were so lovely and Adela was perfect. Lovely, quick and professional.
    Would highly recommend! What a great find.

    Francesca Benton-stace
  • Just had a Hollywood wax for the first time with Emilia – she was brilliant, put me at ease and extremely quick too ๐Ÿ™‚ I had anticipated a lot more pain than I actually experienced, at max a 4/5 out of 10 – think this was purely down to Emilia though, she is really great! Will definitely be coming back, thank you all!

  • The best wax I’ve ever had. It hardly hurt at all, Adela made me feel so comfortable. they had a tv in the treatment room with sex in the city playing which was great. I heard about this place through word of mouth at work but I will definitely be going back here over my usual place. So so happy. Thank you x

  • I had a Hollywood wax with Ayla today the Farringdon salon – she is awesome! Really great wax, pain free, quick and great chat. Thanks Ayla! xxx

  • Getting to watch Sex and City whilst getting a wax…. living the dream!

  • Really good – really good value, great customer service. I usually go to the exmouth market venue and the girls are all really friendly. Some of them are clearly more experience than others. I usually book with Monica now – who is fantastic! I can tell she is very experienced but she is also very friendly and very good at what she does. If I had to make a criticism… it would be that the location is a bit strange, the premises is in the middle of the alley way and underground but the prices are fantastic and it’s very clean etc so I can’t really complain!

  • Amazing services & great and welcoming staff.

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE Luxury Wax Bar! All the girls there do such an amazing job I normally go to Geanina but they all do such an amazing job if Geanina is not available at the date and time I need I don’t even worry if the next person will do as amazing job because they all do. Definitely worth the price as they they ensure that not a hair is left behind. The icing on the cake is as previously stated I get to watch Friends (my favorite show of all time) or Sex and the City! Pain? What pain…. I am too busy laughing at something Joey said on an episode of Friends. Great job ladies at Luxury Wax Bar I don’t trust any other salon with my waxes.

    Edwina Harris
  • The best wax I’ve ever had. Adelina made me feel so relaxed and comfortable and it was the most painless experience a wax could be! A lot of attention to detail too which makes it worth the money. All whilst playing sex and the city episodes in the background… Seriously, why don’t more wax salons like this exist?!

  • Luxury Wax Bar has quickly become my favourite waxing place, I can’t recommend it enough! I usually dread going for a wax but the ladies make it as quick and painless as it could possibly be, and the price is great for the quality and service you receive. I love the distraction of Sex & The City playing on the TV in the room to take your mind off the pain and it certainly makes the whole experience more enjoyable. The booking system is really quick and easy too. I go here for all waxing needs (generally Hollywood Wax and Brows), the ladies are absolutely lovely and gentle and are very specialized,

    Rochelle Rhodes
  • An excellent waxing parlour nestled off the pretty Exmouth Market. I popped out during work had a Brazilian with Ioana who was friendly, professional, quick and made it comfortable and pain free. I loved that I got to watch Sex and the City! Distracted me and made me laugh. Also great value for money. I will make this my regular waxing place and happily recommend to my friends. 5*

    Cรญara Rafferty
  • I have been having waxes for years and they’ve always been so painful. This was by far the best wax i’ve ever had, didn’t feel a thing and Geanina made sure everything was gone. I also couldn’t believe what a reasonable price it was, especially for London! I would definitely recommend this place. I’m only going here from now on!

    Genevieve Brown
  • What a fantastic experience, great staff great products. I was just passing through London and felt the need for waxing. If only this salon was at home.

  • Best wax experience I have had for such an affordable price!

    Rebecca Lee
  • Don’t go anywhere else for a hot wax bikini wax! Super efficient and great value for money. Where else can you watch sex and the city whilst having a wax!

    Sophie O'Neill
  • Best wax around and great value. Not a hair in sight.

  • I had my first Hollywood hot wax done at the Edgware Road salon by Simone. After completing a form at reception Simone showed me to the beauty room and polity asked me to get comfortable and she would pop back in soon. I loved the rooms decor. It is well designed and had a tv in there which had re runs of one of my fav shows on ‘Friends’, I immediately felt relaxed. Simone popped back in and got to work. After each section of hair was removed, Simone ensured that I was ok. There was no hair tugging or complications that I’ve experienced in the past at other salons when having a strip wax done. Simone was fast and gentle, I couldn’t believe how quick it was all over, and there wasn’t a hair left in sight ๐Ÿ˜Š I definitely will be going back once the lady bush starts growing again. I believe the founders mission has been achieved; comfortable service, affordable and great results. What more could a woman want. Thank you. B

  • Hollywood hot wax

  • I had the ‘brow wow’ done and was delighted with the result. It was my 1st time getting this treatment and was slightly nervous but had no reason to be. This place is a real gem & the staff are AMAZING. They are super friendly and VERY experience in what they do. I will definetly be back ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Been there 3 times now for a Hollywood Wax. Best place I’ve been. As painless as it can be, but made more enjoyable by watching Sex and city whilst having it done. very clean and good value

  • Hands down they are the best waxing salon around.Amazing service and pain free waxing!!!!! They are a hidden gem.I will be visiting again .

  • 100% RECOMMEND! Had a wax day before holiday and what amazing results! Amazing staff to ease the embarrassment and pain of bikini waxing!

  • Having a wax with Nicoleta is a relaxing and pleasurable experience. It’s a warm and welcoming place. Look no further for the perfect waxing spot

  • My therapist Adelina made me feel so comfortable and at ease. She worked very efficiently and I had every confidence she knew what she was doing. She was very professional throughout and the finished result was excellent. I was very happy with my treatment and think it brilliant value for money. I was also 38 weeks pregnant at the time which was no problem at all for her and was made to feel so at ease throughout the treatment.

  • I did no only like this place and its cleanliness but also the ambience and the polite staff, specially Nicoleta who is FANTASTIC and did a great job making me feel so relaxed. Thank you so much! I’ll definitely be back!

  • So this was my second experience at being waxed. My first was not so satisfactory (at another place of course) but may I commend and praise the luxury bar for an exceptional experience and obtaining a loyal customer. I was so happy with the results. Very minimal to complain so I won’t even mention it however its all about the setting. Such a relaxing and well oiled place. Nicoletta, although she wasn’t the one to wax me, you and your staff are a pleasant bunch. Three weeks on and I’m still amazed at the results. You’ve won me over on the first experience with you and that’s all I look for. I will be returning indefinitely.

  • This is my second visit to the Luxury Wax Bar and I’m definitely going to keep going there. Adelina is amazing – quick and painless. I have tried loads of places all over London and this is definitely the best, both for value and thoroughness.

  • I had a half leg wax, and was very impressed with the level of care given to me by Nicoleta. She was kind, efficient and definitely knew what she was doing. I have had some horror experiences at other places over the years, and when I moved to London was nervous about finding someone new. It is awesome! I am actually having my second appointment today for a Hollywood and eyebrows.

    Danielle Ward
  • One of the best Hollywood waxing treatments I’ve ever had. The place is very clean, and the staff are friendly and make sure you’re happy with the results. Great value for money!

  • I was lucky enough to have Adelina for a Hollywood wax last week and she was absolutely incredible! I previously thought I had gone for “low pain” waxes, but whatever Adelina did totally blew those out of the water! She was super fast, and got absolutely everything, sparing no detail. I actually could not believe how little it hurt! I kept telling her it was more painful to keep my legs in the right position than it was to actually get the wax. After I left, I was so impressed, I called basically every girl I knew to share in my joy (though they weren’t as excited as me). The price is also absolutely unbeatable, (I’m from New York and am used to paying much less for beauty services and this was still a better price than my cheapest wax in NY). Thanks so much Adelina, I will be back soon! I cannot recommend this place and her enough!

  • Amazing Hollywood wax, no pain, place clean, and friendly and professional staff. Was my second time and i wanna go back.

  • Great all over experience! The place is really warm and welcoming. And Nicoleta is a treat. You’ll feel very comfortable here.

  • Second time I have visited the Luxury Wax Bar now and I will keep on returning. One of the best waxes I have had in London and for an incredibly reasonable price! Highly recommend.

  • I had a Hollywood and have awarded it 5 stars.

  • I had a Hollywood (HOT WAX) or Brazilian (HOT WAX) and Underarm and have awarded it 5 stars.

  • I would highly recommend this place to anyone – Nicole was extremely thorough and lovely and Sex in the City is a great distraction!

  • Absolutely brilliant. The staff are super nice and great to have conversations with. They treat you like you’re they’re friend and you feel comfortable all the time. Plus the service is always to perfection. Highly recommend.

    Miss Khan
  • It’s always a pleasure to go to the venue, it often is like the most relaxing time of the day! Nicoleta is absolutely the nicest and friendliest beautician I’ve met in London! I’ll definitely be coming back!

  • Great brazilian waxing experience – very friendly staff and meticulously waxed and removed every bit of hair. Lovely ambience (looks exactly like the picture) with Sex and the City playing while getting waxed. Only improvement could be not double dipping the wooden spatula into the wax for hygiene purposes, although I found this fairly common in most waxing salons.

  • I saw Nicoleta for an eyebrow wax and it was fantastic. She and all the staff were really friendly, and it was a great wax for a great price. Will definitely be going there again. Thanks ladies.

  • It had been 18 months since my last wax job and decided it was about time I was professionally groomed. I’d never been to Luxury Wax Bar before, but the Brazillian (Hot wax) and Underarm treatment was such a steal of a price I had to check it out. Being such a long time since my last treatment, some hairs were particularly stubborn and the experience at times was of body-curling pain, literally. But Nicoleta pointed out that since my last wax, my self-hair removal treatment of choice was damaging which is why I had a bit of difficulty at this session. The majority of the experience was pain free, and Nicoleta was really sweet and was thoughtful throughout. She did a great job supporting me through the parts that did hurt, the whole experience being more funny than it was painful, once the shock had subsided that is. My underarm at one point needed to be waxed over, but she kindly asked if she was okay to do so and I really appreciated that. She was very thorough, and at no point in time did I feel uncomfortable. I’m not the chattiest of clients but I never felt like a stranger. Unlike my old Waxing service, it didn’t feel pretentious or uptight but had a casual modesty about it. I did struggle a bit to find the entrance, but that’s part of the experience and made for a great story. Such a friendly and lighthearted atmosphere, topped off with some Sex and the City, I would definitely recommend over and over again. Already told my close friends to check it out, and can’t wait to go back for what I’m sure will be another great service.

  • I had a great experience at the luxury wax bar. The staff were very professional and really friendly, the whole place had a lovely and relaxing atmosphere, the wax itself was done really well and I could watch sex and the city whilst getting it done which was a bonus! The price was also great value considering the 5* treatment I recieved, thankyou!

  • I had my wax treatment a month ago before my holiday so sorry for the late review!
    The lady was lovely, room very clean and I got to watch Sex and the City while I was getting my treatment.
    I had half leg strip wax and hot wax bikini. The lady was very efficient checking to make sure she had removed all hair. The hot wax was my first time and I would definitely recommend it. The hot wax was almost pain free I couldn’t believe it. The lady did say the wax would feel hot near my bikini line and it did hurt me when putting it on but there was no skin removed.
    Overall a great wax, excellent value for money and I will definitely be back soon!

  • One of the best waxes I have ever had. I have only seen Nicoletta, now twice and both times have been more than impressed. Her hot wax (from France) is probably better than any exclusive salon and her ability is definitely better. You don’t need to tell her what to do but she listens to what you want. Ive been in London for 7 years now and not had a wax I could compare to my beautician in Australia, who was amazing. Painless and doesn’t miss anything…and I am a fussy customer. Could not recommend Nicoletta highly enough.

    Cassie Nartey
  • Clean and cosy atmosphere. Friendly environment and service of the highest quality. The best one ever in the UK so far.

  • Excellent service at Luxury Wax Bar at Pharmacentre.
    the studio is quite cosy and Nicoleta is great.
    Eyebrows were done to perfection and I will definitely go back.

  • My beauty therapist was adelina and she was great! She kept checking to see if I was conformtable and relaxed and was very chatty and cheerful so I was put at ease. The price was fantastic and all the staff were nice and friendly! I will definitely be going back as the Hollywood was done excellently ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I chose Luxury Wax Bar for my second Hollywood Wax because of all the good reviews received on the website and it was a great experience. After my first painful wax in another salon I was terrified but my friendly, professional and informative beautician made it super easy! She provided me great service and a warm smile and it was overall an amazing painless experience so I would definitely recommended to all first timers. And the location is convenient too if you are planning a bit of shopping afterward, as it’s only few minutes away from oxford st.

  • I had an amazing painless waxing experience with Nicoleta! I was a bit cautious that there were so many positive reviews, but decided to give it a go and now I see why this beauty place is so popular! Unfortunately I was half an hour late, but I was greeted very politely by the reception girl and was seen straight away. My Hollywood waxing was surprisingly painless, usually it hurts like hell, but this time it was wonderful. At first I thought that nothing was coming off, because I did not fell any pain but when I looked down I was hair free! I think the fact that I did not shave but waxed 1 month before that, helped. It was the second time for me for my under arm wax, and I thought that it would be unbearable, because my last experience in a different salon was awful, but Nicoleta did a great job, and I only felt a pain for a couple of seconds. My leg wax was great as well. After the waxing session Nicoleta even used twisters to tidy up any missed hair, which was a great surprise since most of the salons just rush through the waxing living lots of broken hair, and don’t bother tidying up. So I was very pleased! Watching friends was very cool, everything was perfect. Nicoleta is a very professional waxing therapist)) it is amazing value for money! I will definitely be coming back!

  • I had the wax lyrical done by Adelina – it was my first Hollywood wax so I was nervous but Adelina reassured me and made sure it was as pain free as possible. I’m really happy with the results. I also had the HD brows by Nicoleta and they’re the best I’ve ever had done – she’s lovely and very thorough, makes sure you’re pleased with your results! Will definitely be coming back.


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